How does the CNI relate to these other planning processes?

These past and on-going planning processes will serve as the bases for creating an integrated community vision for land use, economic development, housing and transportation within the study area. Unlike the other plans which are broader in nature, the Paso Gateway Choice Neighborhoods Transformation Plan will provide stie specific recommendations and conceptual site plans ot meet the goals for neighborhood revitalization. These include:

  • Conceptual plans for replacement housing for the 134 units at Chouteau Courts + additional mixed-income housing (within and outside of the study area)
  • Housing Market Study that identifies what the market can support
  • Reuse strategy for the 6.8 acre Chouteau Courts site
  • Development options for key sites
  • Implementation strategy
  • Phasing strategy
  • Implementation budget

How do I get more information about this process?

For more information about this planning process, or to get involved please contact:

John Monroe

Housing Authority of Kansas City, Missouri

Phone: 816-968-4288 

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Greater Kansas City LISC has been working with residents and community stakeholders to create a vision for local neighborhoods through the Quality of Life Plan process which defines critical needs, outlines strategies, budgets and schedule to implement improvements. Quality of Life Planning Sessions are an opportunity for residents and community members to discuss priorities and opportunities in their neighborhood, collectively determine the areas of concern that are most important to the neighborhood, and reach a consensus on the best strategies to use in addressing those concerns.

The end goal is to produce a Quality of Life Plan that can be used to move the neighborhood forward and focus resources on the issues that matter most to residents. The Quality of Life Plan will be action-oriented, laying out concrete steps that can be taken to make each neighborhood an even better place to live.Quality of Life Planning is part of the Paseo Gateway Choice Neighborhoods Initiative, an effort by the Housing Authority of Kansas City to redevelop the Chouteau Courts public housing complex and simultaneously improve the quality of life in surrounding neighborhoods. Greater Kansas City LISC is partnering with the Housing Authority to make certain that the residents have their voices heard during this process and that the final plan reflects what you want to see happen in your neighborhood.

See the LISC Quality of Life plan here